Douglasville Impact Quadcast featuring Sydney Hilderbrand, Sara Ray, Allison Parker and host, Jason Post

Douglasville Impact is proud to present our second "Quadcast" as we continue our production in full social distancing mode.  We have an outstanding program this week featuring Sydney Hilderbrand of the Farmers Table Cafe and Market. Sydney brings us some very interesting information about how her business is working to adapt in this ever changing environment. She tells us about how the Farmers Table is working with it's clients and suppliers to bring its full line of products to our citizens. We are also joined by Sara Ray, President and CEO of the Douglas County Chamber. Sara and her team have been working especially hard to help our local businesses keep their services up and running. City of Douglasville Social Media Coordinator, Allison Parker has an update on the latest developments around the operation of the City, and host Jason Post keeps the show moving. We hope you enjoy this edition of Douglasville Impact. Please take a moment to like, share, and subscribe to our show. Thanks for listening!


Show Notes:

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Farmers Table Phone: 770.693.0171

Douglas County Chamber Phone: 770.942.5022

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